Welcome to your for Sale By Owner Plan B Program. I want you to know I respect the fact you have chosen to sell your home on your own. Lets face it, in this sellers market there probably has never been a better time to sell your home on your own for the plane fact homes are selling in just a matter of days. It is that exact reason I have designed this program as a Plan B. In the event you are unable to sell your home on your own or its just not going the way you has hoped and you decide to look at some other options then please consider this program as the next best option to selling on your own and use it as just that, YOUR PLAN B. 

As a real estate agent who has served this community for years, I believe it’s an enormous responsibility to help someone with the sale of their home. This is why I would love the opportunity to meet with you and share how I’ve been able to help so many other homeowners just like you (who were selling on their own) successfully sell their home for the highest price, in the right amount of time and most importantly with the least amount of headache and hassle.  

If you agree to give me the opportunity to earn your business, I promise you’ll get great value from our meeting and I’ll never pressure you, ever! I’ll simply share my plan on how I’ve been able to get buyers to overpay for homes just like yours and after our meeting, you can decide if hiring me to sell your home makes sense or not. Either way, you’ll either be impressed with what I have to offer and we’ll end up working together or it will become clear that you should continue on your own or hire someone else with the new perspective you’ll have.  

You can call me or just fill out the form below today to schedule a no pressure, zero hassle home sale consultation.

I’m now offering virtual consultations as well as in person. 

Get in touch to schedule a no pressure consultation today!

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